Beach Life Progressive Jackpot Slot

Beach Life Progressive Jackpot Slot LogoPlaytech is one of the biggest companies in the field of online casino games. Their portfolio features a long list of unique slot machine games, as well as table games that can compete with some of the top names on the market. One of their most popular and generous slot games is called Beach Life, and you will definitely be pleased to hear about the hefty prizes that this game can offer!

Beach Life Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines 20
Min Bet €5 (playing on all lines)
Max Bet €10
Free Spins Feature NO
Wild Symbol The Sunshine
Scatter Symbol Scatter
Progressive Jackpot 5 ‘Sunshine’ symbols on 20th payline


Beach life is a classic five reel slot game that also boasts a progressive jackpot, and more specifically, one of the largest progressive jackpots found online. The average sum of the progressive jackpot is $3.25 million, but the biggest win registered was worth $8.2 million back in 2012. Apart from the grand prize, Beach Life also offers a broad range of other prizes and features that will certainly be appreciated by both experienced and inexperienced gamblers. Wilds, scatters and a bonus game are all featured in this great slot machine game developed by Playtech.

Theme and Appearance

As you can probably tell by the name, Beach Life is a slot machine game that features a summer theme, and more specifically, scenes from the beach. Some of the symbols used in the game include beach girls, sand, surfers, sunshine and ice cream. There are also palm trees, umbrellas, sand, sea, and even yachts, so there are plenty of possible winning combinations for the players that decide to give Beach Life a try.

The designers at Playtech have gone even further by adding animations to winning combinations, so players will easily know whenever they register a win! Unfortunately, Playtech’s audio department has not done so well, and the game features pretty general sound tones, as well as a music theme that does not fit the graphics at all. Thankfully, there is a neat mute button that you can use in case all of the music and sounds start disturbing you.

Beach Life Progressive Jackpot Slot Theme

Betting and Gameplay

Most of you are probably expecting to hear about some outrageous wagers required in order to have a chance to win the biggest jackpot, but this is not the case with Beach Life. As we already mentioned, under the right circumstances you can end up winning millions of dollars, and the best part is that you are only required to place a wager of at least $5. You can bet one coin per payline, and the price of the coin may vary between $0.25 and $0.50. This means that in order to play on all 20 paylines, you need to place a minimum bet of $5, but you can also go for the larger bet worth $10. Keep in mind that playing with maximum bet does not increase your chances of winning the progressive jackpot, but it will significantly increase your profits from hitting the wild or scatter symbols.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Beach Life is represented by a sunshine icon. Just like in other slot machine games, the wild symbol can serve as a replacement for any other sign, except for the scatter and the bonus chest. This means that you can use wild symbols to complete winning combinations, but they are also the symbols you want to see if you are to play for the progressive jackpot. Strike five wild symbols on the 20th payline, and the progressive jackpot is yours! Strike five on any of the other 19 lines, and you’ll win 10,000 coins, a hefty prize as well.

Scatter Symbol

In Beach Life the scatter symbol does not award free spins, but it does give you the opportunity to win a pretty good price pool. The scatter symbol in this situation is the sandcastle icon, and you can see a maximum of five scatters spread over the reels. Hitting five, four, three or two scatters will earn you respectively 500x, 50x, 5x, or 2x your stake. However, the scatter symbols need to appear on an active payline or they will not be counted.

Beach Life Progressive Jackpot Slot Symbols

Bonus Game

Beach Life also features a bonus game that can add a lot of money to your total winnings. In order to qualify to play the bonus game you will need to strike three bonus chest icons on one payline that is active. Once this requirement has been met, the player will be taken to the underwater-themed bonus round. There, you will have to pick two of 14 chests, that will add a bonus amount to your account.

Beach Life Progressive Jackpot Slot Bonus Game Win

Final Words

Overall, Beach Life is one of the most attractive slot machine games you can see in online casinos. The reason for this is not just the large progressive jackpot, but also the visually appealing graphics that are absolutely beautiful when compared to most of Beach Life’s competitors in the field. There is more to desire from the sound effects, but we are in the opinion that the good sides of this progressive jackpot slot machine game compensate for the lack of neat music and sounds.

According to statistics, Beach Life’s progressive jackpot gets hit approximately every 131 days, so players are advised to keep a close eye on the counter situated on top of the screen. It shows the days since the last jackpot was won, as well as the total amount of the progressive jackpot that is up for grabs at the moment. Even if you do not manage to get your hands on the progressive jackpot, Beach Life still has some great prices in store for you!

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