Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpot Slot

Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpot Slot LogoDiamond Valley is another video slot game developed and supported by Playtech. It features 5 reels and the player can bet on a maximum of 5 paylines. There is also a 20-payline version. The game features a scatter symbol as well as a progressive jackpot that has reached a maximum of $450,000+. According to statistics, the average amount won via the Diamond Valley progressive jackpot is approximately $75,000, while the lower registered win was about $6,000.

Diamond Valley Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines 5 or 20
Min Bet €1 (5-payline version)
Max Bet €5 (5-payline version)
Free Spins Feature NO
Wild Symbol NO
Scatter Symbol Red Ruby Gem
Progressive Jackpot 5 ‘Diamons Mountain’ symbols on the 5h payline


Diamond Valley is one of the oldest slot games available online, and experienced gamblers see it as the father of all modern slot machines. Regardless of its age and outdated graphics, it is still considered to be one of the most appealing and interesting online slot games to play on, so it should not come as a surprise that Diamond Valley is one of the most popular games among online gamblers. Apart from the scatter symbol, Diamond Valley also features a neat bonus game, and a handful of winning combinations that will certainly make your gambling night a lot sweeter!

Playtech have selected a very cool-looking theme for this game, and we are certain that every new player will be astonished by the graphics of this relatively old slot game. On top you will see a lonely vulture, while the background features a beautiful mountainous scene. The buttons have a distinguished wooden theme, and line markers are jewel-themed. You’ll also see a neat looking digital counter that provides you with up-to-date information about the current amount of the progressive jackpot. The game also features five reels that can show up to eight different graphics. Combine two or more symbols, and you are about to win some awesome prizes! Some of the icons featured in Diamond Valley are flaming bars, dollar signs, false teeth, ruby icons, diamond outcrops and vultures.

Game interaction is taken to a minimum, so you won’t be presented with lots of customization options. The fixed coin value, lack of more than bonus games and this game’s edge are just some of the reason’s for its rigidness.

Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpot Slot Theme

Betting and Functionality

Just five reels and five paylines does not result in a very big maximum wager. Diamond Valley introduces a fixed coin value of $1, and you can bet a maximum of one coin per payline. This means that the maximum amount of money you can bet per spin is $5. The game is also available in two other currencies, euro and pound, and the maximum bet is the same.

The cut ruby is one of the unique icons in the game, as it can provide you with a payout regardless of its position on the reels. It can also bring you a significantly larger amount of money if you get to strike three or more of it. The rewards for hitting three or more ruby icons ranges from 5x to 200x your stake, so the potential is pretty large.

Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpot Slot Symbols

The bonus game in this scenario is represented by a hand holding a diamond. In order to qualify and play the bonus round, you will need to hit three of those on the column to your left. Of course, they will also need to be arranged consecutively, so luck is something you will need if you are to participate in the Diamond Valley bonus round. The bonus game is pretty simple – you will be displayed a screen showing a trapped Indian, a cowboy and a lady. You will have to choose who to help, and the person you helped will reward you with a particular amount of money.

The progressive jackpot is the most impressive thing in this game. In order to win it you will have to strike five diamond symbols on pay line five. This means that you will need to play on all five lines if you are to have a chance on winning the most attractive reward in this game. Naturally, the progressive jackpot is the most attractive reward, so players are strongly advised to bet on all 20 paylines in order to have a higher chance to qualify for the most important prize.

The progressive jackpot is quite low compared to some of Diamond Valley’s competitors, but it is still pretty good. The minimum win recorded is $6,000 while the biggest progressive jackpot won on this game was the staggering $454,000! However, the average win amount is pretty average at just $75,000. Despite this fact, Diamond Valley is still one of the most generous games produced by Playtech, so its popularity isn’t surprising at all.

The fixed jackpot is present as well, and its maximum value is 5,000 coins which may not sound much when compared to the progressive jackpot, but it is still a pretty neat prize that can make you very happy if you happen to win it. The last registered win of the progressive jackpot was in the beginning of 2015, so it won’t be long before it falls again!

Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpot Slot Bonus Game


Although there are newer and more modern slot machine games that may look more appealing than Diamond Valley, both experienced and inexperienced gamblers are fans of this game. You won’t make a mistake if you decide to give it a try, especially considering its simplicity and generosity. The progressive jackpot is the reward you should be aiming at, so make sure to bet on all five paylines, and we are pretty certain that sooner or later you’ll manage to win something big from Diamond Valley, be it the progressive jackpot, the bonus game, or the fixed jackpot!

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