Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot Slot

Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot Logo Funky Fruits Jackpot is a 5-reel 20 payline video slot provided by Playtech. The game incorporates a fruit theme, which alone is nothing new in the world of slots. We have seen this theme a million times, but Playtech made some changes based on their already existing game called, “Funky Fruits Farm”. That one basically used the same fruit theme, they just added a farm with an old man and a couple of additional symbols.

Funky Fruits Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines 20
Min Bet €0.20 (playing on all lines)
Max Bet €200
Free Spins Feature NO
Wild Symbol NO
Scatter Symbol NO
Progressive Jackpot Combination of 8 or more cherry symbols

funky fruits

When it comes to the graphics, the game incorporates some high resolution textures and even a short animation video at the loading screen. In that video a melon and an orange jump into each other before smashing into smithereens by the impact. In this messy endeavor, they create the logo of the game, which resembles the orange a lot more. The layout is fairly straightforward with everything being where you would expect, placed rather conveniently.

In the top right corner the players can see the jackpot’s current, updated value. Under it, both their total bet and their winnings are highlighted. In the bottom right corner they will see the huge, unmistakable red play button. The green “info” button will be in the lower left corner, rounding up all the available buttons. The game uses fully animated fruit symbols, each representing a different color pattern. We have a melon, orange, lemon, cherry and what looks like a very angry plum. The symbols will move and even turn around before and after the spins.

Game Features

The game does not have the usual special symbols that most slots normally do. There are no wild, scatter and bonus symbols here but there is a jackpot symbol which is represented by the cherry. Funky Fruits incorporates a progressive jackpot, which means that instead of having a fixed prize, the game offers a constantly accumulating prize to its players. Naturally, the payouts will depend on a couple of circumstances which will include the number of spun jackpot symbols and the respective denomination as well.

Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot Slot Screen

Gameplay Process

The game starts with the players selecting the amount of their denomination. They can adjust the amount with the +/- buttons. There are also four different fixed values for the player’s convenience. They can select each, being able to start the gameplay quickly. Once the bets have been set, the player can start the reels in two different ways. The first one is by clicking on the “play” button. The second is the autoplay function. There, the players can set the bet and basically lean back, and let the game take over. The computer will play with the same denomination until the player clicks on the “stop” button. The players can also set a predetermined number of plays. This means that they can program the game to play x amount of spins with y amount of denomination. Once the spin is over, the computer checks for winning combinations. If it finds any, it will proceed to pay out the player according to the paytable.

Basic Gameplay Rules

Just like with most slots, the gameplay rules are fairly straightforward. The players’ objective is to create winning combinations on the five reels and the enabled paying line. If there is a matching combination, the player wins a certain prize which will depend on the number of matching symbols and the value of the denomination. They are allowed to create matching sequences either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. To win, they need to spin five matching symbols at minimum. The more matching symbols they are able to spin (16 is the maximum), the bigger their win will be.

Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot Paytable

Specific Jackpot Rules

The player will win the minimum jackpot if they can spin at least eight matching cherry jackpot symbols. That is however, not the full amount of the big prize, but rather a minimum payout. This will naturally be only a portion of the maximum jackpot. The game pays out a certain percentage after every additional cherry, but again, this will also depend on the value of the player’s denomination.

For every additional bet credit, the players will receive 10% more of the big prize. If they bet 1.00 and hit the symbols, they get 10%, if they bet 2.00 they get 20%. With 5.00 credits they get 50% of the big prize. In the case of a maximum, 10.00 credits bet (and the necessary matching symbols too) they will receive the full amount in the game, 100% of the progressive jackpot.

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