Iron Man 2 Progressive Jackpot Slot

ironman2slotIron Man 2 is a 5-reel, 25-line slot game powered by the gambling software provider Playtech. The game is offered in a standard 25-line version, and in a 50-line variation as well.

The game is based on the Marvel comic book about the main character and his superhero powers. All icons and special features during the main and bonus content is bound to the comic book and the movie of the same name released in 2010.

Iron Man 2 Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines 25 or 50
Min Bet €0.25(playing on all lines)
Max Bet €250
Free Spins Feature YES
Wild Symbol Eagle Medallion
Scatter Symbol Iron Man 2 Logo
Progressive Jackpot Any spin of the reels regardless of spin’s amount


Game Features

The game successfully recreates the atmosphere of the famous comic book, and respectively, the movie that was released in 2010 starring Rober Downey Jr. at the main part. The graphics is exclusive, and so is the sound, as the team of Playtech has done its best in order to bring players an exceptional gameplay experience.

The game also offers a great variety of denominations in order to meet the specific needs and requirements of all players, no matter if they are high-rollers, or not. In addition, there is a variety of special symbols and features, including wilds, scatters and extra wilds, stacked symbols, free spins bonus rounds and increasing multipliers.

Standard Symbols

Unlike most slot games powered by Playtech, the usual low-value symbols are not present here. Apart from the Wild and the Scatter, there are are several other symbols. For instance, there is an icon representing the protagonist in the Iron Man comic book and movie – Tony Stark (Rovert Downey Jr.). There are also two other characters included among the slot game’s standard symbols – the Black Widow icon (Scarlett Johansson) and Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke).


Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol in the Iron Man 2 is represented by the Eagle Medallion Icon, which can come as a substitute to any symbol in the game in order to provide players with the opportunity to form winning combinations.

The Wild Symbol cannot replace the Scatter, but offers great prizes when players manage to hit from 2 to 5 symbols of this kind. Some would probably wonder why it was the Eagle Medallion that was chosen for the Wild Symbol. The answer is simple – the reason why the Eagle was chosen to become the Wild is the great importance the eagle had for the American Government over the second part of the Iron Man movie.

There is also a special Extra Wild Symbol. The latter appears only in the free spins bonus rounds and is landed in the middle position of the middle reel over the spins.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol in the game is the Iron Man 2 Logo. As we have already mentioned above, it cannot be replaced by any other symbol in the game, including by the Wild.

Hitting at least three Scatters guarantees the player they will get a total of 10 free spins featuring an increasing multiplier. All free games begin with a x2 multiplier increasing by 1 with every two spins. In addition, all winnings generated over a spin are boosted by the multiplier’s value over the spin.

Stacked Symbols

One of the specific features of the Iron Man 2 slots game is the fact that there are six Stacked Symbols available. This means that six symbols are stacked in two-s on the reels, which is why they graphically appear as one longer image that occupies two positions on the reel.

The Stacked Symbols actually represent two separate and identical symbols, which pay winnings independently of one another when included in a winning combination. In addition, such symbols actually increases a player’s chance of winning larger prizes.


Free Spins

The player is required to hit at least 3 Scatter Symbols in order to unlock the free spins bonus round. There is nothing specific about the free spins bonus game provided in the game, except for the fact that over the additional spins, an extra wild icon is available in order to help players complete their winning combinations and generate larger wins.

As mentioned above, there is an increasing multiplier over the free spins bonus rounds. In case that the player hits three Scatter Symbols, the multiplier used is x3. In case of landing a total of four Scatters, the player gets a x10 multiplier, and when hitting five Scatter Symbols, they get x100 multiplier.

In addition, an extra wild icon is offered to players over the free spins bonus game in order to help them generate larger winnings.

Progressive Jackpot

Iron Man 2 is a Marvel slot game, which is part of the Marvel progressive jackpot network. It is exactly the progressive jackpot that has managed to make the game so popular among players worldwide.

The fact that the game is bound to Marvel means it features a progressive jackpot. There are currently four levels of progressive jackpots in the afore-mentioned network: Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power and Ultimate Power level.

The Progressive Jackpot granted to players is unlocked at random the gameplay. This basically means that any spin, no matter of the bet’s monetary value, including the non-winning bets are able to unlock the access to the Progressive Jackpot winning game. Still, the larger wagers are placed by the players, the more their chances of qualifying for the Progressive Jackpot Game increase.

Once a player has managed to enter the afore-mentioned Progressive Jackpot Game, they are guaranteed that one of the four jackpots will be won. The gameplay is quite standard, actually. As usual, the players are taken to an additional screen, divided to a 4×5 grid of a total of 20 squares, each of which hides a different jackpot symbol.

The player’s goal is to reveal three identical jackpot symbols by clicking on the squares. Of course, there is a reaction timer, which reminds the player how much time they have in order to make their guess. The jackpot is played automatically.


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