Magic Slots Progressive Jackpot Slot

Magic Slots Progressive Jackpot LogoMagic Slots is a 3-reel, 1 payline Vegas-style slot that was developed and released by Playtech. The game is one of the company’s first slots. This means that it came out sometime during the late 1990’s. Magic Slots incorporates a magic theme with several relevant symbols. Those symbols include but not limited to the magic hat, dice and several classic slot symbols like the bars.

Magic Slots Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines 1
Min Bet €0.25
Max Bet €15
Free Spins Feature YES
Wild Symbol NO
Scatter Symbol Magic Wand
Progressive Jackpot 3 ‘hat and gloves’ symbols

Magic Slots Progressive Jackpot Screen
The game features scatter symbols, a bonus game, and a progressive jackpot as well, but more about that later. Magic Slots can only be played with real money as there is no demo version of this game. The available denominations range from 0.25 up to 5.00 credits. The former is naturally the game’s lowest bet as well, while the maximum is 15.00 credits (3 times the line bet).

Game Features

The game incorporates a scatter symbol which is represented by the Magic Wand. As a scatter, this particular symbol does not appear in any sequence. In Magic Slots, the scatter will only appear on the third reel and the third reel only. This particular symbol’s main function is to trigger the bonus game. This happens when the player has played the maximum bet and managed to spin three of those symbols. If any of those criteria were not met, the player cannot launch the bonus round. This means that some of the highest payouts will not be available for them.

Magic Bonus Feature

Once the player has the three Magic Wand symbols on the third reel (and they have played a maximum bet as well), the game will trigger its bonus round. During the bonus round, the players will see another screen with four hats in the middle of it. After that the objective is pretty simple, the player needs to choose one of the hats. If they have chosen wisely (or more accurately, if they are lucky), they will receive a bonus prize. After they emerge victorious, or lose their coins, the players are returned to the regular game where their bonus winnings will be added to their totals. The bonus round can of course be retriggered.

Progressive Jackpot

Whenever a player plays Magic Slots anywhere in the world, a fixed percentage will be added to the total, accumulating prize money. Those who are familiar with slots, already realize that “accumulating” implies a progressive jackpot instead of a fixed prize. The criteria for winning the full value of the jackpot is quite simple. The first criteria for the players is to make a maximum bet of 3-coins. If they do, and they happen to hit three ‘hat and gloves’ along the payline, they will be eligible for the full prize, provided they have made a maximum bet. Whenever someone hits the jackpot, every Magic Slots player around the world will be notified when it happens, but even if they do not see it at the time, they will quickly realize it once they have taken a look at the updated numbers.

Magic Slots Progressive Jackpot Bonus Game

How To Play

The gameplay in Magic Slots is straightforward and easily understandable. With the + and – buttons, the players will be able to increase or decrease their bets. Alternatively, they can always just select the number of coins they wish to play with manually.
With the “bet one” button the players will be able to select the number of coins. The “bet max” obviously means that they play a maximum bet. The total bet will always be the number of coins chosen by the player, multiplied by the coin’s value.

Once the player has selected their desired bet, the game is ready to be started. After that, all the player needs to do is click on the “spin” button and the reels start. Once the reels have stopped, the computer will search for possible winning combinations. If it finds any, it will proceed to pay out the player.

The “Game Option” Button

Tweaking the game options allows the players to customize their experience. By clicking on “sound” they will be able to mute their game. If they want it to be faster, they will have to click on the “speed” button. If speed is not their problem, but patience is, the “autoplay” button may offer a quality alternative. Once activated, the players will be able to sit back and just enjoy the game with the possibility of winning always looming over their shoulder. The game will continue the autoplay until the player clicks on the “stop” button.

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