Marvel Roulette Progressive Jackpot

marvel-roulette-logoAll casino games, based on the Marvel comics are considered fascinating. Players enjoy the excitement they bring and the chance to earn a life changing sum by playing a game themed with their favourite comics characters. The Marvel Roulette is not an exception from that rule and it offers many hours of excitement combined with vivid graphics, animated icons and sound effect.

Marvel Roulette Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €1 (straight up bet)
Max Bet €500 (straight up bet)
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol n/a
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot Match 3 identical symbols in a bonus game


Game Rules and Features

As for the basics of Marvel Roulette, it is run on the Playtech platform and it is played on a wheel that has numbers from 1 to 36 with a single zero.

The low house edge and the simple rules make some players define the Marvel Roulette as quite similar to the European Roulette developed by Playtech.

Although there are certain similarities indeed, the basics of the games are explained below and the differences are apparent.

The Marvel Roulette features all famous and loved by several generations Marvel Superheroes including Spiderman, Thor the Mighty Avenger, Iron man, X-men, Ghost Rider.
As far as the features of Marvel Roulette are concerned, it has an appealing Marvel Bonus, which is activated when the player places a bet and the ball lands on the same position. Your aim is to trigger three identical symbols during the three spins. The fact that the only possible outcome is to win a particular award makes the game even more exciting. During the Marvel Bonus round all your favourite characters from the marvel movies and comics are present.

A typical feature of the Marvel slots is the progressive jackpot and the Marvel Roulette is also connected to the Marvel Mystery Jackpot. The jackpot is randomly triggered and it is not even necessary to have a winning spin in order to enter the jackpot game.

The Marvel roulette is predominantly based on the European roulette rules. Players are enabled to get an impressive payout during the bonus round. For that purpose they have to wager on the bonus slot. If the player is lucky enough to win, they will be redirected to a 3-reel slot game. The bonus round grants three spins and the goal is to match three identical symbols.


Game Procedures

Those who don’t like the idea of manually placing their bets are free to use the Autoplay option. Players are allowed to place bets on number sequence, evens, color, odds, the Marvel Bonus, a stash of racetrack bets.

In general, Marvel Roulette is similar to the rules of the European Roulette and players use the same betting strategy. An important detail in placing a decent bet is the careful examination of the odds. The latter should be performed especially by players who do not have much experience in playing this kind of casino games.

Needless to say, there are certain standard strategies, which provide the players with plenty of winning options on grounds the bets places are based on the best odds.
If you get the Marvel Bonus, you will be redirected to a 3D video slot featuring three reels and free spins. If the ball lands on a number that matches your bet, you will be further directed to a new screen where your favourite Marvel characters will award you different prizes. Here are the prizes you will be eligible for:

  • If you happen to land 3 Ghost Riders, you will win 5x multiplier
  • Three symbols of Captain America give you a 8x multiplier
  • You get a 10x multiplier if you land three Thor symbols
  • A 15x multiplier is awarded for three symbols of the Fantastic Four
  • Three Wolverines get you 20x multiplier
  • A 25x multiplier is awarded for 3 Iron Man icons
  • Three Hulk symbols get you a 50x multiplier
  • The 100x multiplier is given for three Spiderman symbols


The Jackpot

As mentioned earlier, the game is linked to the Marvel Mystery Jackpot which features four types with different characteristics. The minimum win for the Power Jackpot is €50, the Extra power Jackpot, the Super Power Jackpot and the Ultimate Power Jackpot worth is €500, €5,000 and €100,000, respectively.

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