Mega Ball Progressive Jackpot

megaball-logoMega Ball is a progressive jackpot game powered by Playtech. It features eight games in one – each of them an independent gambling strategy. The game features a colorful theme with an easy-to-operate interface.

All of the eight different game variations are displayed on the screen, where six colored balls are drawn every minute in order to determine a winning combinations. And the best part is that the player is provided with the opportunity to play several betting strategies at a time.

Mega Ball Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €1
Max Bet €1
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol n/a
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot Predict the 5 numbers to be drawn out of Mega Ball machine


Game Features

As mentioned above, there are several number predicting games the players can try out when entering Mega Ball. Every 60 seconds, a new game starts, and the best part is that several betting strategies could be played simultaneously by placing a wager. In addition, the game is a solitary one, which basically means that there is no multi-player option and the player is not able to communicate with other people.

Mega Ball resembles a lottery. It allows players to choose from eight different types of games, or play a few ones at a time. Players are also provided with the opportunity to place their wages on a maximum of ten different events in each game. Mega Ball also features a variety of stake levels.

There is also enough time between the games, which can be used by the player to make their choice among the eight options of number predicting games and place their bets. The timer is placed on top of the screen, so players can easily check how much time is left until the start of the next live game.

If we need to put this in other words, Playtech has managed to create an unique lotto style game that not only features great variety of options, but also offers a progressive jackpot and a great chance of winning large prizes. The game is entirely based on luck, so it is appropriate even for beginners.


Jackpot Bet

The first one of the eight options offered to the players is the Progressive Jackpot Paying Bet. In order to place their wagers, players are required to choose five of a total of 48 numbers, in an attempt to predict the exact five numbers that are to be drawn out of the Mega Ball machine.

The jackpot amount is estimated to 20,000 times the player’s staked amount. About 85% of the overall amount of bets placed on the option are accumulated to the live progressive jackpot. Once the jackpot is won, it is reset to its base value and starts increasing once again.

Colors Bet

The Colors Bet option offered in Mega Ball is quite easy to play, too. The player is required to make a pick between three colours – red, yellow and blue – and then predict how many of the six balls drawn will be that color. Then, they need to place their wagers and wait for the machine to draw the balls.

The payout scheme of the game is displayed right under the color and number suggestions that the player must choose from.

Cocktail Bet

Currently, the Mega Ball game offers two kinds of cocktail bets available. The rules are pretty simple – if all three colors of the cocktail (red, yellow and blue) are represented in the next draw, the cocktail bet made by the player wins.

The double cocktail bet wins in case that two of each colors included in the “cocktail” are present in the next draw of the machine.

Sixth Ball Bet

If choosing this option, the player is required to choose a color of the ball, or make their pick among the numbers from 1 to 48. After clicking on the button “Confirm”, they are making their prediction about the color or the number of the ball that is to be drawn out of the Mega Ball machine over the next round.

Steps Bet

The Steps Bet provided by the Mega Ball game is among the easiest ones to play. The only requirement for the player is to predict whether each consecutive number drawn out of the machine is to be lower or higher than the one preceding it.

This is exactly the reason why players are provided with the opportunity to choose from an “Increasing” or a “Decreasing” option.

mega-ball-screen (1)

Numbers Bet

The Numbers Bet allows players to bet on up to four numbers, each coming in different color. The player choose only one individual number, or make a pick of up to four numbers, hoping that these numbers will be drawn out of the machine. Logically, if all numbers chosen by the player are drawn out, the player wins.

First and Last Bet

When choosing to wager on the First or Last option provided by the Mega Ball game, the player needs to make a guess if the first ball drawn out of the machine will be higher than the last one, or the other way round.

Total Sum Bet

The Total Sum Bet offers the players to make a guess about the total sum of the numbers that are to be drawn out of the Mega Ball machine. There are seven sum “steps” they can make a pick from – “…50”, “from 51 to 100”, “from 101 to 140”, “from 141 to 160”, “from 161 to 200”, “from 201 to 250” or “over 251”.

The total sum is calculated by adding the individual numbers of each ball drawn out of the machine.

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