Stravaganza Progressive Jackpot

stravaganzaStravaganza is a game based on the popular card game Blackjack and the goal of the player is to beat dealer’s hand. It is a single player game powered by Playtech. The high demand for high quality, exciting card games made Stravaganza widely popular and available in a great number of prestigious online casinos.

The game is utterly easy to understand and shortly after its launch, it became one of the blockbusters developed by Playtech.

Stravaganza Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €0.01
Max Bet €100
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol n/a
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot Get Three Kings of Hearts


Game Rules and Features

The basics of the game are quite easy to understand. The player places a wager ranging between €0.01 and €100. The next step is the card dealing and here comes the difference between Stravaganza and the traditional game of Blackjack. In Stravaganza, the cards of the player are dealt face up, while the cards of the dealer are dealt face down. The player loses if the Red Ace is showing. Those who have Three of a Kind or three face cards are awarded different bonuses.

Stravaganza is played with 5 decks of cards and the aim of the player is to have a total that is higher than dealer’s. However, you are not allowed to bust. In other words, you need to gather more points. Upon starting the game, you should place your bet and click on the Play and Deal buttons. You will immediately be given two cards face up and the dealer will receive three cards turned face down. Then, it’s up to you what your next move will be:

  • Money back option enables you to get a full refund of your bet if your total is less than 5
  • Rescue Net allows you to get the half amount of your bet if your total is between 6 and 9
  • If your total exceeds 10, you will be prompted to decide whether to Sit and play your cards or opt for the original bet
  • Play On means that you have to place another bet that is equal to the first one. In this case, you will be dealt another card in order to increase your total amount of points. You can take advantage of this option at any stage of the game.

As soon as you select an option, dealer’s cards will be revealed. If the total number of points of the dealer exceeds yours, all bets you have placed are lost. If you are the winner, you win 1:1 on all placed bets.

One exception applies, though. If the dealer holds a Red Ace, then, you lose your bet even if your total is higher than dealer’s.


Bonus Feature

You are likely to get a bonus win on a three card hand. In case you get a Three of a Kind, the payout will be 3:1 on the first bet you placed. If the three cards are not of the same rank, the payout will be 1.5:1.

Progressive Jackpot

Just like the Progressive Blackjack powered by Playtech, Stravaganza provides players with the option of making a side bet in order to qualify for the Progressive Jackpot. In case you place an additional bet of €1 and get a winning card after that, you receive a fraction of the jackpot prize. The Three Kings of Hearts usually brings the biggest payouts.

If you have three Face Cards of the same suit, you are eligible for receiving 10% of the Jackpot.

Three of a Kind, Jacks to Kings pays 100:1, while Three of a Kind, 5s to 10s and the hand value with a total of 30 pay out 50:1 and 10:1, respectively.

It is important to know that despite you are not obliged to place a Progressive Jackpot bet, it cannot be made unless you place a traditional bet before that.


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