Sweet Party Progressive Jackpot Slot

Sweet Party Progressive Jackpot Slot LogoSweet Party Slots was released by Playtech in June, 2014. The game has a colorful vending machine theme with various sweets and cakes symbols on the five reels. The concept is not new, but the developers still managed to put a new twist on it.

There are few games with sweets in it that include a vending machine, but there are many with a sweets or cake theme. You will see the similarities between games like, Sugar Rush, or Sugar Pop and Sweet Party Slots. We have lollipops, gummy bears and even pinkish bubble gum, among other sweets, including, candies and even a golden circle that looks like a honey cereal.

Sweet Party Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines NO
Min Bet €1
Max Bet €10
Free Spins Feature NO
Wild Symbol NO
Scatter Symbol NO
Progressive Jackpot Eight red and white gobstoppers

Sweet Party Progressive Jackpot Slot Screen
At its core, Sweet Party Slots is a simple five reel game but it is still different in the sense that it does not have actual paylines, at least not in the conventional sense. It does have a big payout, however, including a progressive jackpot. From a graphical standpoint, the game has some straightforward but high resolution textures on a backdrop that resembles green fields and some hills, and a pink and a green balloon on the opposite sides of the screen.


If you are looking for a wild, scatter or even a multiplier symbol, you may be disappointed, as there are none. Not only that, but there is no free spin feature either, or any other bonus games for that matter. What it cannot offer to the players through special features, it tries to offer through its straightforward qualities. The lowest number of symbols that will result in a payout is 5, but you can spin as many as 16 in a pattern which will result in the maximum (non-jackpot) payout.

The progressive jackpot

Sweet Party Slot features a progressive jackpot. The minimum bet in the game is 1.00 credit while the maximum is 10.00. The above mentioned jackpot is in direct correlation with the amount of the bet that the player makes. In case of a successful spin, where the conditions of the progressive jackpot have been met (more about those later), the player would receive 10% of the total pool for every credit they have played. If they have played with the minimum of 1.00 credit, they would “only” receive 10% of the total jackpot. If they have played with 5.00 credits, they would receive 50% of the total prize money. If they have played the maximum bet, they would receive the total of the progressive jackpot, in the case of a winning spin.

The jackpot’s conditions are straightforward. The player has to spin eight peppermints – in whatever order – on the screen. If eight peppermints appear, they will be eligible for either a portion, or the entire amount of the jackpot, depending on the amount of their winning bet. While the jackpot symbols do not have to appear in a pattern, the regular symbols do. The goal is to match five symbols in either a vertical or horizontal pattern. Again, this is not true for the jackpot symbols which can appear in any sequence, the only thing that matters is their sheer number. If the player can match at least five symbols from the regular ones, they win the prize. The maximum prize (non-jackpot) is won when the player can match as many as 16 different symbols.

Sweet Party Progressive Jackpot Slot Jackpot

Exploding symbols are present

Although there are no wild symbols, there are a couple of symbols similar to the usual exploding wilds. This can be considered a unique feature. A wild is normally straightforward, the more wild symbols you have in a row, the more you can win. Five wilds in a row represents the top prize in many games, but not in Sweet Party Slots. Here we have exploding symbols that bring some of their characteristics.

The biggest difference is that those exploding symbols will not have a value on their own; they will simply explode so the vacant spot they leave will now be filled with new symbols. The biggest advantage of this feature is that you will not have to pay for another spin to win something. You can spin exploding symbols that will blow up and leave its spot empty for the next one. Another exploding symbol instantly appearing is possible, although unlikely.

Sweet Party Progressive Jackpot Slot Symbols

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