Wolverine Progressive Jackpot Slot

wolverine-logoWolverine is a 5-reel, 25-payline slots game based on the famous Marvel comic book. The game offers a variety of options and different denomination rates, as well as a progressive jackpot to suit every players’ needs and requirements.

It is especially developed by Playtech to recreate the atmosphere of the book. The game brings the players not only great experience with the Marvel characters, but also some of the best bonuses in the business, plus a lot of free spins and great rewards.

Wolverine Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Playtech
Paylines 25
Min Bet €0.25 (playing on all lines)
Max Bet €125
Free Spins Feature YES
Wild Symbol Wolverine icon
Scatter Symbol Wolverine Logo
Progressive Jackpot Any spin of the reels regardless of spin’s amount


Game Features

The Wolverine Slots Game offers not only truly excellent graphics, but also excellent experience in order to make the players totally engaged with everything happening on the screen. There is a variety of symbols, including the Standard ones, the Wild, the Scatter and the Bonus icons. All of them bring players different bonuses when hit in certain combinations.

There is a total of 14 symbols used in the slots, including the standard symbols, a Wild and a Scatter Card, as well as two special Bonus Symbols.

In addition, a variety of denominations is provided by the game’s developer, ranging from €0.01 to €5.


Standard Symbols

The Standard Symbols in Wolverine include J, Q, K and A, which are considered as probably the most typical ones when it comes to such type of a slot game. There is also an icon representing a military dog tags with the Wolverine name carved on them, as well as an icon with the Wolverine’s claws.

Another standard icon used in the main gameplay is the DNA chain of the main character, as well as another icon of the Wolverine himself.

Players are granted with a variety of prizes whenever they manage to hit all of the above-mentioned symbols in certain combinations.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is represented by the icon of a costumed Wolverine. The symbol will complete the winning combinations of the players thanks to the power of the Wolverine icon to come as a replacement of any other symbol on the reel, except for the Scatter, the Berseker Rage and the Adamantium symbol.

The Wolverine slots game is characterized with a very specific feature – the single wild, double stacked wild and triple stacked wild symbols that can appear on all reels. Hitting a total of five of these symbols provides players with the opportunity to massively boost their bet.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter in the game is probably one of the most rewarding symbols in the Wolverine slots. It is represented by the Wolverine Logo icon.

The Scatter symbol cannot be replaced by any other symbol. When it appears on the reels, the player will get the opportunity to have their bets multiplied. The symbol also activates some extra rounds that are characterized with great rewards and generous bonuses.


Berserker Rage Feature

The Berserker Rage Feature is related to some fantastic bonus features provided on the Wolverine slots game.

If the Berserker Rage icon appears on the reel 5, the Berserker Rage feature is activated. In case that the Berserker Rage symbol is hit on top of the reel, 2 to 4 symbols will be turned into wild symbols. And if the special icon lands on the middle of the reel, 3 to 5 wild symbols will appear on the screen.

There is another option, too. If the Berserker Rage appears on the bottom of the reel, 2 reels will be automatically turned into stacked wild reels. When any of these three options happens, the player is awarded with 1 free re-spin of the reel.

Free Spins

Free Spins Feature is also available at the Wolverine slots game. The Adamantium Free Games feature, which is represented by a special Syringe icon, will be unlocked after hitting 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels.

By obtaining the necessary number of Adamantium symbols in a single spin, the players get 12 free spins. The bonus game is displayed in a separate window that looks like an Adamantium tank with a total of 12 levels on it.

The number of the free spin levels depend on the number of Adamantium syringe icons gathered. If the player manages to hit 3 of the special icons, they receive 4 levels in the bonus feature. If they get 4 syringes, they are awarded with 8 free spins. And last, but not least, if the player manages to land 5 syringe symbols anywhere on the reel, a total of 12 levels on the bonus feature are open.

The Adamantium Bonus Game is actually all about the wilds. Any time a Wild symbol appears on the reel, an Adamantium syringe is injected into it and freezes it over the next free spin. The free spins are decreased by one after every spin on the Bonus Game. In case that a Syringe icon is hit, this results into increasing the number of free Adamantium levels accordingly.


Progressive Jackpot

All Marvel slots are always associated with a total of four levels of progressive jackpots. These are the Power, the Extra Power, the Super Power and the Ultimate Power jackpots. Access to all four types of progressive jackpot can be won at any time over the main gameplay. The non-winning spins are not an exclusion.

Normally, the larger bets are made by the players, the bigger their chances of accessing the progressive jackpot games. Entering the latter guarantees a win of on of the four jackpot levels mentioned above.

The Progressive Jackpot level of the Wolverine Slots are standard for this types of slot games. It is displayed separately from the rest of the main gameplay. The screen is divided into a 4×5 grid of a total of 20 squares, behind which different jackpot symbols are hidden.

The player needs to click on the squares in order to try revealing and matching 3 identical jackpot symbols in order to win the Jackpot Game. The screen is also equipped with a reaction timer to remind the player how much time they have in order to make their choice.

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