Bet Placement in Roulette

In the current article we are going to discuss how roulette bets are usually placed. First, a player needs to find a comfortable seat at the table. We stress on that matter, because if the player wants to reach all the parts of the betting layout, he/she will have to take one of the several particular seats at the table. The seats located at the center of the front of the roulette table as well as the last seat around the back side, next to the dealer, provide the best opportunity. In case, however, the crowd around the table is quite heavy, the player needs to look for the first seat, which has become available.

Once the game of roulette has begun, players choose their bets and place chips on the betting layout. In case a particular bet includes more than one chip, the chips are to be arranged in a single stack. In case some of the other players have already placed chips on a number you intend to bet, it will be no problem to stack your chips directly on top of the others.

After the dealer has done stacking the chips, amassed from the prior game, he/she takes the ball and spins it. During the spin, players are allowed to continue placing their bets. As the ball begins to decelerate, at the moment where 2 or 3 more revolutions remain, the dealer informs players that no more bets should be placed. Any bets made after this announcement may not be taken into account.

Roulette dealer picking chips after placement of win marker

Regardless of whether the dealer verbally puts an end to the betting or not, all bets made after the ball drops in one of the numbered pockets will be dismissed. Bet placement after the ball settles into a pocket is called ”past posting”, while doing this more than once is not recommended, as it will attract the attention of the floor supervisor.

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Once the ball has found its way into one of the pockets, the dealer places a ”win marker” on the layout at the winning number. Unprofitable chips are swept off, while players who won get paid. After all the winners have received their payment, the marker is removed and the bets for the next ball spin are initiated.

Next, let us have a look at the main bet categories. Roulette bets are usually grouped into two categories – inside and outside bets.

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