High Stakes Roulette

french_rouletteHigh stakes roulette is the game, which offers the ultimate casino experience to a high roller player. It includes bet placement with the use of chips having higher values. At online casinos one may find chips valued GBP 50.00, GBP 100.00 and GBP 500.00, or the respective amounts denominated in US dollars or euros. Offering a potential return of GBP 18 000 for a single-number bet of GBP 500.00, this game is for those who enjoy playing huge and, winning huge.

Playing high stakes roulette online enables a player to think over his/her betting strategy using all the time he/she needs. What is more, the player is able to control every aspect of the game, starting from the color of the betting area to the time allotted for every wheel spin.

The betting process in online environment

In the common case, the table minimum may be GBP 1.00, while the table maximum may be within the range of GBP 1 000 – GBP 5 000. At some online casinos, the maximum bet size may vary depending on the bet category (inside or outside bets) a player chooses.

To begin his/her play, the player needs to choose a chip value for betting with a simple click on a chip with the respective value located at the bottom part of the screen. If the player wants a different value, he/she may click on another chip.

Some platforms will have the betting layout visualized above the roulette wheel on the screen. When placing the cursor of the mouse over the betting area, every type of bet and its respective odds will be highlighted, if the cursor is positioned precisely over it. As in traditional game of roulette, a player is able to place a bet on a single number, or to use a combination of numbers.

In order to make a bet, the player needs to click on the particular bet on the betting layout. He/she will see a chip of the chosen value being deposited on the particular spot. Another bet having the same value may be placed by clicking once again. Some platforms allow mixing chip values on one and the same bet.

Now that a bet or several bets have been placed, the player needs to press the ”Spin” button. As a result, the ball will be spun and, at some point, it will settle into a numbered pocket. In case a bet has been successful, the player’s account will be credited with the respective earnings right away. Any bet, which lost, will immediately forfeit the amount risked.

Bets used in the preceding game can usually be repeated by pressing the ”Repeat” button.

American Roulette Table

Where to play high stakes roulette

An appropriate choice of a gambling website for a high roller player, who is based in the European Union and has a passion for playing high stakes roulette online, is Casino Club. The latter allows visitors to place outside bets, such as red/black, even/odd, low/high, at the amount of up to EUR 5 000, which is one of the highest roulette maximum bets online. For inside bets, the table maximum offered by the casino is EUR 500. High stakes players can also become members of the casino’s VIP club, which uses extremely reliable boss media software.

Roulette high rollers hailing from the United Kingdom may find their game at places, such as Inter Casino, which offers very decent bonuses and a remarkable VIP program. There, players are able to take advantage of maximum bet limits for roulette amounting to GBP 500 per spin. Another notable choice for UK high rollers is high stakes roulette offered at Sky Vegas online casino. The latter has set a table maximum for inside bets up to GBP 500, while the table maximum for outside bets amounts to as high as GBP 5 000.

For high roller players located in the United States, on the other hand, the spectrum of options is a bit thinner. In this case, many experts recommend paying a visit to Bovada Casino. The latter has set a table maximum for both inside and outside bets at the amount of up to USD 500.

Realtime Gaming American Roulette

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