Live Dealer Roulette

A general description of live dealer games

french_rouletteLive dealer roulette is among the latest and most remarkable twists of this prominent casino game, which a player is able to enjoy online. Live roulette, as well as other live casino games, features a real dealer who manages the betting process of the game in real time from a real roulette table, while all this is broadcasted through a live-streaming video link. In live dealer roulette every participant is able to observe the roulette wheel being forced to rotate and the ball moving through the pockets, thus, the outcome of each spin will not be determined by a random number generator (RNG), as is the case with ordinary online roulette games. In live roulette, all players are enabled to make their decisions by using a computer screen console and to take advantage of a number of other astounding features offered by this game variation, including social interaction with the dealer or other players.

In terms of cost, live dealer games appear to be much more money-consuming for online casinos compared to virtual casino games using a PRNG (pseudorandom number generator), for instance. Live dealer games require a much higher investment activity concentrated on technology and, of course, staffing. The typical live casino studio features one or more camera operators, a number of dealers to manage a variety of casino games, an IT expert to deal with any technical issues that may occur and a pit boss to step in and resolve any possible dispute between the dealer and the players.

With live dealer games one is brought as close as possible to the actual gaming environment at a traditional (brick-and-mortar casino), which is the major factor to attract not only high roller players, but also players of other profiles.

Live dealer roulette versus ordinary online roulette

Ordinary online roulette games are usually Flash-based. It means that these games always show computer generated images, thus, they are also known as virtual games, as no human factor (with the exception of the player) is featured. The outcome in these games is randomly generated, though there are people who put this randomness into question.

Live dealer roulette games, on the other hand, are broadcasted with the help of a live video stream and produce outcomes, which are based on the ”weight of the ball spin”. These games have gained enormous popularity in the recent years, because of the following two factors:

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First, every player prefers to witness how a person spins the roulette wheel in front of him/her in real time. Or, he/she does not feel convenient enough hearing how fair and safe a particular casino is. A player needs to be assured of that, so that he/she builds his/her trust in a particular establishment.

Second, every player prefers to interact with a real person in front of his/her computer monitor rather than interacting with a computer generated character image, or none at all. Social interaction brings the entire game to a new level, as it grants a player the opportunity to build a relationship, just as in a traditional (brick-and-mortar) casino.

American Roulette Table

How a typical live casino is organized

The typical live casino is comprised by a studio room and a server room. Some casinos may have these two rooms located separately, while others may combine them in a huge floor space.

The Studio

It is the location where the entire process is streamed live directly to the monitor of players. A number of elements comprise the real dealer operation, which, ultimately, players get on their computer monitor.

First, every live casino uses real roulette tables, just like those that are to be found at a traditional casino. These tables will usually be positioned in a different manner at different live casinos. At some casinos, such as Smart Live Casino, one live roulette table will be located in one studio. Others, such as William Hill Live Casino, may have one hundred mixed tables in one studio.

Second, every reputable live casino will have itself represented by well-trained dealers, while in some cases dealers may have formidable casino experience. Most of them will usually demonstrate excellent knowledge of customer relationship management.

Third, every studio will usually feature at least two cameras. The first one is what a player is seeing through, as the dealer familiarizes him/her with the game. This camera is meant to provide a general overview before the game or roulette (or any other live casino game) is initiated. Once the game has begun, the focus will be shifted to the second camera. It has two major functions: to grant players a bird’s eye view of the roulette table and to allow them to have a plain sight of the spin outcome; to send automatically the image of the roulette wheel rotating to a server room-based computer, which has the so called optical character recognition (OCR) software on it. This software will break down all the images and will interpret the numbers on the roulette wheel as fast as a few milliseconds. Next, it will send them to the operator’s software, which, in turn, will calculate and present the data instantaneously to the computer monitor of a player.

Fourth, the live dealer is expected to not only navigate the betting process. He/she is also required to commune with players and ensure their entertainment. In order to do so, each live dealer has a screen placed in front of him/her, where the following information can be obtained:

– in case a new player joins the action, his/her name will be highlighted on the dealer’s screen, enabling the dealer to welcome him/her;

– some online casinos, such as Castle Casino, allow players to type and send messages directly to the dealer. The latter will usually respond to these messages right in front of the camera, which heightens the level of entertainment for players;

– since no physical chips are to be seen on the roulette table, the screen will usually show the dealer who among all players has just won. The dealer is required to congratulate the winners, which will, in turn, bolster the confidence of other participants in the game.

Fifth, every studio will have a pitboss, a person in charge of overseeing several roulette tables simultaneously, similar to what he/she does at a traditional casino. The pitboss will also supervise the work of the dealers and resolve any disputes that may occur.

Roulette dealer showing roulette ball

The Server Room

It is the location, where all the data from the studio are stored and transmitted directly to the players’ monitor in a suitable format.

How live dealer roulette is played

A typical live roulette session can be described by using the following steps:

1. At first, the dealer will be filmed from the first camera.

2. The software will process his/her image and will combine the live stream with the interactive user interface.

3. The server will transmit the generated data to the computer monitor of participants.

4. The betting process is initiated.

5. The dealer will use his/her screen for all the information he/she needs, in order to commune with active players.

6. During that time all players will be making their bets, which will be relayed via the server and processed by the software.

7. Bet placement will be closed.

8. The dealer will rotate the wheel and spin the ball in the opposite direction, while the view will be shifted to the second camera. Players will be granted a bird’s eye view.

9. The dealer will announce ”No more bets”, a command that will be recognized by the software and, through the server, all the betting options on the players’ monitor will be closed.

10. Results will be generated.

11. The ball will settle somewhere on the wheel, while the OCR technology will read the winning number and transmit this information to the software.

12. The software will process who among all players have scored gains and who have registered losses in a matter of milliseconds. Next, the server will transmit this information directly to the players’ monitor.

13. The session will begin again with the first step.

Online casino roulette live dealer

Where to play live dealer roulette

Players located in the United Kingdom may take advantage of live roulette options offered by online casinos, such as William Hill, EuroGrand, bet365 Live Casino, Grosvenor Casino, Smart Live Casino, Castle Casino and others.

Players based in the United States are faced with a more modest choice. US residents may test their luck at places, such as 5 Dimes Live Casino, BetOnline Live Casino, or Grand Parker Live Casino.

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