Microgaming Roulette Games

The Company

microgaming-logoMicrogaming Software Systems Ltd. is a privately held software development company, with its headquarters being located in Isle of Man. It is among the leading software providers to the rapidly developing online gambling industry. Microgaming was the power to establish the first genuine online casino in 1994.

The portfolio of products created by the company includes Live Dealer, Casino, Multi-player, Mobile, Poker, Bingo, Land-based, Business Solutions and Quickfire, Sportsbook. It was Microgaming software that generated the most considerable online bingo win ever recorded, which exceeds GBP 6 million. The company also holds the record for an online slot win.

Microgaming has developed over 800 casino games, including roulette, video poker, slots and blackjack, and more than 1 200 game variations, which are offered in Download and Flash version.

The company has the largest online netword of progressive jackpots network worldwide, having paid out more than EUR 460 million to date.

In addition, Microgaming has been the leader in mobile development since 2005, with its mobile range currently exceeding 225 games.

The Roulette Software

The majority of online casinos provide their customers with European and American roulette only. Thus, if a player craves for more varieties of this outstanding casino game, he/she should visit any Microgaming online casino, as the company offers the greatest online collection of roulette games.

At first Microgaming released European, French and American variations of the game, after which the developer launched Gold Series of games featuring European, French and Multi-Wheel Roulette.

The Gold Series features remarkable 3D graphics, sophisticated view and realistic sound properties, which bring the closest feeling (for an online casino game) to the actual roulette table environment at a conventional casino. The player is able to choose from a vastness of options, including the ability to modify the speed of the game, to place Call Bets and to take advantage of Autoplay when in Expert Mode. The game’s betting layout is dazzlingly clear and features an inset visualizing the ball and the pocket where it came to rest on the roulette wheel. Players who prefer a different viewing angle are enabled to take advantage of the Edit Layout option and obtain an overhead view of the table.
Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is a variation based on French roulette, which adds a dimension to a player’s game, as he/she is able to operate up to eight roulette wheels at one and the same time. In this game all the wheels act in the same manner – as the player places his/her bet, it will show up on all of the roulette tables that have been activated. This way, in theory, the player has a greater chance to predict any single number. The interface of the game is such, that the screen will appear split into sections from top to bottom. On the bottom of the screen is the game layout, where the player is able to place his/her bets. The layout will remain common across all the wheels, which are in play. The top of the screen displays the wheels that have been activated.

Microgaming Premier Roulette Software

The most recent addition to Microgaming’s roulette collection is Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition. It is based on traditional European rules and provides the opportunity to play, compete and interact with other online players. The game can accommodate several players, with all of them placing bets in real time. This edition of the game has an optional chat feature, which enables players to conduct virtual conversations. All participants are able to view when another player has won, which boosts the atmosphere of anticipation. Players are also able to adjust the speed of the game – a 20-, 40- or 60-second waiting time is available in order to suit the preferences of all players. What needs to be noted, however, is that a player who delays longer than the predetermined time before placing a bet, will be stripped of his/her initiative.

Microgaming’s Premier Roulette is another notorious gaming option, which brings a whole new design to roulette. The player is enabled to choose between a black-colored or a brown-colored wheel, while the table layout may appear in green, red or blue. Another feature to be modified here is the speed of the game, as ”slow” and ”fast” options will bring the pace, which a player desires. In Premier Roulette players can enjoy a 3D view of the roulette wheel and a casual online casino representation of the table in 2D view. Other features offered by the game include Video Zoom, which brings a close-up view of the winning number, and Win Details, which presents a breakdown of all winning bets, amounts bet, payoffs for each bet and the total amount won.

Microgaming is among those providers, which offer gaming opportunities such as roulette with a progressive jackpot. The game to be noted in this case is Roulette Royale, which is based on traditional European rules. The opportunity to hit the progressive jackpot is provided in the form of a side bet. The largest jackpot ever won was at the amount of approximately GBP 1 million. The top jackpot in the game will be hit, if the roulette ball comes to rest on one and the same number five consecutive times. If the ball falls into one and the same pocket four consecutive times, the player will receive a cash payout of 300 credits of whichever currency he/she places his/her bets in (euros, British pounds, US dollars). If the ball falls into one and the same pocket three times in a row, the player will receive a cash payout of 200 credits of the respective currency. An identical number hit twice in a row will grant the player a 15-credit payout. An important moment to note is that these payouts will be available, only if the player has selected the progressive side bet.

Microgaming European Roulette Software

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