NetEnt Roulette Games

The Company

netent2NetEnt is a among the world-leading suppliers of casino games and software. Listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, the company was established in 1996 from the heritage of one of Scandinavia’s leading off-line casino operators. NetEnt has business operations in Gibraltar, Ukraine, Sweden and Malta. and provides services to approximately 90 customers among the largest gaming operators across the globe, while over 500 people are in full-time employment at the company.

At the 2014 EGR B2B Awards, NetEnt was awarded with 4 honors including live casino and mobile supplier.

The company’s CasinoModule™ is a complete gaming system, which includes over 200 games providing high-entertainment value and bringing the ultimate playing experience.

The Roulette Software

Roulette Pro

Along with traditional American, European and French roulette versions, NetEnt has introduced Roulette Pro, which quickly became one the most renowned versions of online roulette. The Roulette Professional Series offers magnificent graphics and a wide spectrum of extra features to bring the feeling of realism for a player to the next level. The rules and the payouts in the game come in consonance with those found in traditional roulette. The key difference, however, lies in design. An isometric viewpoint grants players an easy access to both the betting layout and the roulette wheel at any time. The game provides a Quick Spin feature, which eliminates the waiting period and allows players with little time to participate in as many wheel spins as possible. What distinguishes Roulette Pro from the majority of roulette games out there is the opportunity to place special bets. The game utilizes algorithms to track the outcome of every spin of the wheel and will display ”hot and cold numbers”, or those which came up frequently and those which came up seldom. A player is able to cover those numbers with his/her active chip amount by a simple click on any of them. A mini window on the left side of the screen will present the occurrence of odd, even, red, black numbers and the single zero as a percentage, which enables players to discern patterns and to adjust their playing strategies.

Illustration of European roulette and betting layout

Mini Roulette

An entertaining twist of the standard game is NetEnt’s Mini Roulette. This version is played in the same manner as the traditional European roulette, but features a smaller table comprised by 13 numbers. Both inside and outside bets are to be placed, with the maximum bet being EUR 500, while the maximum winning – EUR 1760. The game is designed in a way, so that it allows regular gameplay whilst watching the sports book or playing other casino games. In addition, a Turbo Mode is featured, which enables players to take advantage of fast spins of the wheel.

Live Casino HD Roulette

NetEnt has also come up with a live casino version of roulette, called Live Casino HD Roulette. Played in an online environment with a live dealer as a host, the game will provide participants with the closest gaming experience possible to that at a traditional (brick-and-mortar) casino. The image of the real-life dealer is broadcasted by streaming ”High Definition” video online. The viewing angle of the HD camera can be adjusted to dealer view or to roulette wheel view. The game also offers a ”Live Chat” feature, which enables the player not only to converse with the croupier, but to do so also with his/her fellow players at the table.

Live Casino HD Roulette is played in the exact manner as in a land-based casino. First, players need to put a chip on a selected number or a combination of numbers, after which the live host will spin the ball into the roulette wheel. The pocket where the ball comes to rest is the winning number, which will provide a payout. The betting process follows a number of steps: the dealer invites players to make their bets, after which the bet timer will start counting down; players make their bets on the betting layout within the allotted time; once that time is up, the dealer will give the ball a spin and announce that bet placement is closed; after bets are closed, the values bet will be subtracted from the accounts of all players; and finally, when the ball settles into a pocket, the winning number will be announced and all winning bets will be paid out.

Screenshot of NetNet Live Casino Roulette

At the bottom, in the center of the screen, players can view a number of chips. A simple click on the arrows, located to the left and to the right of the chips, will bring more options. One is able to play Live Roulette with 1-, 5-, 25-, 100- and 1000-euro chips, as the latter can be bet multiple times and may be combined. The minimum bet amounts to EUR 1, while the maximum bet – EUR 75 000. In case one bets a combination, the total amount bet will be visualized at the bottom of the screen.

Alongside the traditional inside and outside bets, NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette allows the placement of race track bets. On the right side of the screen players can view an additional betting track, known as ”the Race Track”. A simple click on the track will open it and place it above the betting area. The track includes the same numbers as those on the roulette wheel and, what is more, the numbers will appear in the exact order as that on the wheel. The Race track bets are, actually, the five types of bets, which we already discussed in the guide. These include Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins, Zero Spiel and Neighbors. The ”x 2” button left from the chips is used to double the size of any bet selected, while the ”Player’s Chips” button, located in the same row left from the chips, will visualize where the chips of other players are positioned on the betting area.

Last but not least, the game offers a number of additional settings such as players list, background music, sound effects, live casino sounds, video quality setting and view switch.

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