Roulette Etiquette

french_rouletteRoulette etiquette goes hand by hand with the game itself and is something, which reputable casinos observe closely. What etiquette, in general, refers to is a ”system of unspoken rules”, which casino visitors should conform to. It is understandable that many people, especially those new to the industry, may have never heard of these rules and it would not be fair if they are penalized for not following them. The majority of these rules will help one avoid embarrassing situations and, what is more, they will help him/her make an impression to casino dealers, management and of course, other players. We should note that etiquette is not related to bet placement process and odds of success, but it rather has behavioral dimensions.

Proper manners and behavior

When playing at a traditional (brick-and-mortar) casino, it is a key factor to be polite in one’s interactions with people around. In case one is willing to make a bet on a certain number, but he/she is unable to reach the roulette table, it is better to ask a person who is positioned closer to it to do this for you. One should be specific about where he/she wants his/her bet placed and should also not forget to thank the person who responded to his/her request. It is way much better, than just throwing chips on the roulette table. The latter would be unacceptable behavior and could even displace the bet made by another person. In case someone else displaced your chips, you should let the dealer know. Such situations can be clarified easily via a simple check of camera records.

One should avoid bothering other players with questions or ask them for advice in regard to the game. In case one is not quite familiar with the game basics, it is better for him/her to watch a few play sessions or just have a practice session online from his/her home.

Too much excitement at the table is also inappropriate. Using a loud voice, let alone screaming, during a series of wins, or mocking at other players when they lose is unacceptable and bad-mannered. If alcohol and ill-mannered people are put together, situations such as those mentioned above could result in cursing and even fist fights.

There are casinos, especially more reputable ones or those on cruise ships, where dress code is an obligation. Needless to say, one should try to follow it as much as he/she can.

In other cases, in order to be granted access to particular games, especially at VIP or exclusive tables, a club card may be required. Thus, a player should use the appropriate tone to ask for such.

Happy people winning a game of roulette

Drink with measure

Drinking and gambling are usually interrelated. Almost everyone at a casino can be seen drinking except casino personnel, of course. It is, however, far from wise to spend heavily on alcohol and then continue losing more money because of intoxication. Note that no casino is likely to throw a drunken gambler out, as long as he/she continues to suffer heavy losses while playing there. When playing roulette online, one needs to drink responsibly and should not allow alcohol to cloud his/her judgement.

When to place bets

A player should be aware when it is appropriate to place his/her bets. The dealer will usually call out ”Place your bets!” and all players will be allowed to position their chips on the roulette table. New bets are usually placed after the earnings from the preceding spin have been paid out and the respective chips have been swept from the table. The dealer will usually give players about 60 seconds to do the betting and when he/she raises his/her hand and says ”No more bets!”, bet placement will be closed. This announcement usually comes when the wheelhead and the ball begin to decelerate.

Another important moment to note is that after all bets have been placed or while the dealer pays the winners, one should touch neither the chips, nor the markers on the table! Only the dealer has the right to do that in order to avoid fraud and bet take off. There will be markers, pinpointing which number has come up, and also special markers on the player’s own chips. Touching any of those markers will usually be considered as a cheating attempt and there is even a possibility for one to be thrown out of the casino for violating such an important rule. Chips are touched only when bet placement is allowed!

When to cash chips

The chips players use while being at a particular roulette table are valid for that table only. Every player is given his/her own stack of chips different in color and with different numbers. This way confusion is avoided. All players exchange casino chips for roulette chips, while the latter cannot be used in other casino games. Or, roulette chips lose their value immediately, when a player leaves the roulette table. Therefore, before walking away from a table, he/she needs to exchange the roulette chips he/she has earned for standard casino chips. In case a player left the table with a stack of $1 chips on Monday, these chips may be worth $10 each on Tuesday, for instance. The same is valid when moving from table to table (chips from one table will not be accepted for play on another table). So, one should make sure the dealer remembers him/her and when he/she was playing.

Roulette dealer picking chips after placement of win marker


Tipping the dealer may seem quite logical, but we should note there are casinos where such a decision is considered as bad etiquette. In case a casino allows tipping, a player should tip the dealer and, in case tipping is prohibited, he/she should not. At US casinos, tipping is a mass practice, while many European casinos do not allow it.

What about playing at online casinos?

Playing roulette online also has its specifics. First, in case one plays a software-based roulette variation, he/she will hardly make a mistake in terms of etiquette. He/she will not find himself/herself being pushed, or devoid of a clear view of the betting layout. He/she will not need to ask another player closer to the roulette table to do the betting for him/her.

Second, the software-based roulette is usually strict when bet placement is involved. Eventually a point will be reached during a spin, when the game will not let a player to make any more bets on the layout.

Third, an increasing number of online casinos currently offer Live Dealer casino games, including roulette. As we explained earlier, these games are streamed in HD and bring players as close as possible to the actual brick-and-mortar casino environment. What we should add here is that it is a one-way video feed, which means that dealers are not able to see who is playing, but players can view every detail of the gaming process on their monitors. However, players need to follow the instructions provided by the dealer, including his/her announcement for closing bets (they will not be able to bet after the dealer says ”No more bets”, just like in a land-based casino). In addition, although players are able to send chat messages to the dealer, this does not mean they should use rude language or ask improper questions. Chat conversations should be related solely to matters regarding the game itself.

In conclusion, by following all these simple etiquette guidelines, a player takes a step closer to an exciting gaming experience.

Roulette dealer showing roulette ball

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