Roulette Tournaments

The goal of roulette tournaments

french_rouletteRoulette tournaments are meant to reward initiative, competitiveness and strategic thinking. What is more, to astute players such events are another source to bolster their bankroll. It is why experienced players do not just rely on luck at tournaments. Instead, they always attempt to utilize one or several advanced playing strategies.

Despite that, traditionally, the game of roulette is played against the casino, roulette tournaments emphasize on competition between participants. In case one plays roulette against the house, his/her objective is to earn money during every single round he/she bets on, so that at the end of the play session his/her gains surpass his/her losses. Or, the player strives to achieve a positive balance in comparison with the amount he/she invested.

When participating in a tournament, however, that is not exactly the case. Every tournament is comprised by a predetermined number of rounds, while every participant in it is provided with a stack of chips and needs to conform to preset time or spin limits. The ultimate objective of a tournament player is to amass as many chips as possible during each round and, at the end of the event, to be the person in possession of the greatest stack of chips.

How tournaments are organized

In order to sign up for a particular event, one needs to check a list of all tournaments in a tournament lobby, which will be available ahead of time. This way he/she will be able to select the event, which best suits his/her budget. When joining a particular tournament, apart from the entry fee, every player needs to take into account the payout structure offered by that event. In many cases tournaments are held in a winner-takes-all format. Other events usually provide awards to participants who qualified on top positions, or these tournaments make use of a tiered structure. Regardless of that tournaments have a different format compared to ordinary game of roulette, table minimums and table maximums usually conform to the rules of the traditional game.

In the past few years roulette tournaments, which are held in online environment, caught the attention of players on a global scale. At times, events promoted by different online casinos may have a bit different structure, but in the common case, a similar structure is followed, which requires a buy-in fee, so that one can take part in the particular event. Every tournament is usually set to last for a predetermined amount of time. Such an event may last for a week, while all participants are to play on a daily basis. On the other hand, such an event may last for a month and participants are to play one or two times each week.

At the beginning of the event, all participants will be provided with one and the same amount of chips. In some cases this amount may be arbitrary and none of the players will be able to cash his/her chips, as the tournament develops. Other casinos may organize their tournaments in another way – the value of all chips a player receives will correspond to the buy-in fee, while every participant is to freely decide when to stop playing and cash his/her chips. He/she is able to do that at any stage of the event.

At some online casinos, tournaments feature a number of rounds, while only players who qualify on top positions during the prior round can advance to the next one, until a handful of players manage to reach the tournament final. Other casinos may organize their events in a way, so that all players can take part in several rounds, while only the top qualifiers can participate in the final round.

All contenders are provided with a certain amount of playing time in every round. This way competition on an uneven basis is avoided, which means that no participant will have a longer time to play and, respectively, amass a larger amount of chips.

In order to keep track of his/her ranking in the tournament, a player will usually have access to a leader board. At some online casinos such a leader board will be featured in the casino software they provide, while at others – it will be shown on their own website.

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How to deal with the competition

In order to accumulate the largest amount of chips, a player needs to use a variety of bet types and bet sizes at key stages of the event. A key moment, when one creates a strategy for the tournament, is to track the chip count of other participants on each ball spin. Once a player is well aware of what his/her chips look like compared to those of other contenders, he/she may use different bet sizes, depending on the size of his/her stack.

In case the player has a lead, then it may be more logical if he/she continues with small wagers, while the competition attempts to cut short the distance. On the other hand, if the player falls behind in his/her chips, he/she may prefer to bet as much as he/she can afford.

According to some experts, if one is to take the lead at online roulette tournaments, he/she needs to concentrate his/her efforts on outside bets (combining column bets, dozens and bets on even/odd numbers). Others propose a different opinion – to claim the lead, a player needs to place several large-sized inside bets and to hope that one of them will provide a flabbergasting 35 to 1 payoff.

We should stress that the type of bets, which a player uses, depends solely on how the event is structured. In case the tournament he/she attends has a predetermined number of spins in every round, the player will probably be urged to bet more aggressively. If the tournament features a certain time limit, during which the player is able to participate in as many or as few ball spins as he/she desires, then perhaps, he/she will prefer to use a more conservative approach.

It is also worth noting that cheating will not work at online events.

In conclusion, in order to emerge as a winner in a roulette tournament, one needs to use a strategic approach instead of luck, to be flexible and adapt to changes and, last but not least, to outmaneuver other competitors. If one manages to best the competition with a skill-based moves and cunning decisions, then a game of chance, such as roulette, may turn into an excellent way to bolster his/her bankroll.

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