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Slots has become one of the most popular casino games offered by both physical and web-based casinos all over the world. This guide will introduce you to the world of slots, creating a thorough catalogue of slot themes and games.

In the past, slots were not among the top priorities of the casinos, because their profit was mostly generated thanks to table games. However, things have changed since then, as the larger part (about 70%) of the casinos profits is usually generated exactly by slots. This is exactly why the slot machine industry is considered to have gone a long way until it reached its current status.

All of this has pushed casino and gaming software developers to put their efforts into creating better and better online slot machines in order to meet the increasing expectations of their customers. The providers have started offering more and more games with excellent characteristics such as impeccable graphics and sounds, animation, and sounds. Even the games that are regarded as the most mediocre ones are now developed with a Wild and a Scatter symbol, as well as with some special features and bonus games.

Here you can find a full catalogue of the most popular slots themes and games, which will help you get better in understanding the main principles of the games, no matter of the provider.

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