3D Slots

videoslots-logoThe casino industry has been advancing at a tremendous speed, with software developers striving to provide players with a truly memorable gaming experience. Slot games have been undergoing considerable improvement as well. Throughout the years, new playing techniques have been adopted, new features have been added, and the opportunities for qualifying for a jackpot have increased.

However, the greatest breakthrough related to slot games is the introduction of 3D slots, which have quickly found their way to the most prestigious casinos around the world. Everyone who has ever played a 3D slot at least once in their life can confirm that the graphics, animations and sounds effects are incomparable to anything you have experienced before.

Casino developers have detected the immense potential of 3D slots of becoming a popular trend and have made games of this type compatible with all kinds of operating systems and mobile devices – iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and so on.

As for the themes of the 3D slots, they are really diverse. Compared to regular slots, they feature vivid graphics, outstanding audio effects, and features you cannot come across when playing a classic slot game. Of course, the latter has its advantages but if you are looking for a thrilling gaming session, you better consider playing a 3D slot.

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Gameplay Features

Most 3D slots offer free spins, multipliers on the wins, stacked symbols, expanding wilds, scatters, pick-and-win bonus games and more.

Although 3D slots are exciting and innovative and offer a gripping gameplay, they are actually far from having the 3D graphics similar to those we see in the movies. Yet, the second screen features, the exciting bonus games and the animated special symbols make them widely recognizable and desirable by players.

As for the game controls, playing 3D video slots is not too different from playing regular slot games but you have better opportunities for betting and triggering the lucrative bonus rounds.

Do not forget to keep an eye on how much you win and lose. By and large, playing the maximum bet increases your chances of qualifying for a bonus game. In most cases, the successful completion of the bonus round guarantees you will definitely get your money back and even register some additional winnings.

The 3D technology enables slot developers to provide players with gambling products of unparalleled quality and in spite of the lower return, these slots are really engaging due to the variety of options for increasing your profits. The multiple paylines, the Gamble feature, the second-screen games, and the progressive jackpots are what makes 3D slots worthy of playing.

The themes can be inspired by movies, TV series, history, fairytales, mythology, celebrities, songs, popular culture, and more.

One of the reasons why players prefer slot machines over table games is that the former enable them to control the gaming action themselves, whereas the presence of a dealer does not make them feel comfortable.

Time will tell how far 3D slot development will go but one thing is for sure – 3D slots are entertaining and provide a mind-blowing gaming experience. It is hard to say for certain which are the most commonly played 3D video slots but it seems those based on movies are among the most successful ones. The Hangover, Terminator 2, and the Monty Python and the Holy Grail are all vivid examples of gripping 3D slot games.

Screenshot of a wild play slot

Here is a list of the 3D games defined as thrilling and profitable by new and seasoned slot players:

Good Girl or Bad Girl

Let us start with a super popular slot developed by Betsoft. Good Girl or Bad Girl offers 5 reels, 15 paylines and a wide variety of features allowing you to double or triple your winnings. If you choose the good girl, you are granted frequent but small wins. However, the bad girl can reward you with a very solid payout.

Marvel Slots

Playtech-powered Marvel slots offer incredible graphics and a great 3D gaming experience. Choose the theme that best suits your preferences and pocket huge winnings while enjoying the superpowers of your favorite hero. You will not be disappointed for sure.


Robin Hood

Remember the legendary hero Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave to the poor? NetEnt created an excellent 3D slot game inspired by this legendary outlaw. The Robin Hood slot can keep you entertained for hours and what is more important – if you have the right playing strategy, your game session will be quite profitable.

Orc vs. Elf

Engage in the epic battle between orcs and elves and enjoy the great graphics developed by RealTime Gaming. The Orc vs. Elf slot makes it easy for the player to trigger bonus rounds and create winning combinations. The higher your bet is, the better your chances of winning are.

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