Choosing Line Number and Multiplayer

Choosing How Many Lines to Play

videoslots-logoWhen playing a progressive slot machine, the player needs to bet the maximum number of credits and activate the maximum number of lines in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot prize.

However, there are cases when the player does not play a progressive slot machine, so they need to make some simple decisions.

When it comes to single-line machines, the amount of money that is to be spent is nothing to worry about, because the multiplier is the only factor to comply with. In the past, the dollar machines were better than the nickel machines, which, on the other hand, were better than penny machines, but this is no longer the case.

Video slot machines normally have more stops compared to mechanical slot machines, even if the latter are modern ones.

What players need to be aware of is the fact that the probability of getting the jackpot on a slot machine is very low indeed. This rule is particularly true when it comes to modern video slot machines, which can have a large number of stops. Always remember that the machines run on Random Number Generators, which determine the outcome of a certain spin.

Photo of video slot machine

Statistically speaking, there are 32,768 possible outcomes of a spin. Only 12 of these outcomes would result in a jackpot, which means that the chance of getting a jackpot on the machine is really small. Still, some experts do not recommend an approach where players bet on one payline only because this decreases their chances even further. According to some more experienced players, betting on the maximum number of paylines is equal to losing your money too quickly, while the chances of winning the pot are not that significantly improved.

Choosing the Multiplier to Play

Apart from choosing how many paylines to bet on, players need to decide what multiplier to play. Many players prefer to use the x1 multiplier even when playing the maximum number of lines, but this is considered a strategy not so successful because the single multiplier usually does not return enough money to cover the player’s initial wager.

According to some slot experts, a good and profitable strategy is to play a total of 9 paylines with a x5 multiplier. This makes for 45 credits wagered, while the player will receive 50 credits in case of a winning combination. Such a bet will at least cover the original wager made on the spin. This strategy is also good because the player is provided with the opportunity to generate bigger winnings while putting less money at risk.

Betting the maximum multiplier is not recommended when the latter is too large. This also increases the bet per spin. In such cases, players should choose a number of lines and a multiplier that they feel comfortable with and put smaller amounts of money at risk. The key is to choose a multiplier that will at least bring them their initial bet back on a small three-symbol winning combination. Such wins are among the most common ones, and the logic is simple – if a player is able to cover their bet on the three-symbol combinations, this will apply when it comes to four and five-symbol wins, too.

Screenshot of progressive slot machines

This strategy is truly very simple, but also effective. It is important to play a combination of a multiplier and number of paylines that will pay more than your initial bet when hitting a three-symbol combination.

Many contemporary slot machines have fixed paylines and do not allow players to pick the number of lines they want to play on, so the only control players have on their bet is the multiplier. By choosing the multiplier wisely, they will be able to better control their winnings. Also, always remember to check the paytable of every machine carefully in order to make sure it offers a combination that is to cover your initial bet.

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