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videoslots-logoMost people who go to a casino do not really know how to determine where the best slot machines are located. In the past, such machines were placed at the entrance, as well as at the ends of the aisles. However, things have changed since then, and casino managers have made some modifications.

Usually, landbased casinos offer slot machines with different payouts. The same applies to virtual casinos, which offer online slots. There are machines with higher and lower return to player percentages. It is the first type – the so-called loose machines – that players should look for when in a casino.

The first thing a player should do is observe which machines are preferred by the locals, who know better from their personal experience. Usually, the groups of machines that no one is playing are the so-called tight machines. Take that in mind when choosing a slot. The player should look for a loose machine in the more crowded areas on the casino floor. Do not give up the idea of playing such a machine, even if you have to wait for a while.

Sometimes, the slot machine attendants could also help players with some information, because they know which machines are loose, and which are not.

Screenshot of modern slot machines in casino

Loose Slots Locations

As mentioned above, nowadays the casino management chooses how to organize the machines on the floor. Loose slots are placed by the casino management in specific areas of the casino floor.

Here is a list of the most common places where you can find loose slot machines:

Loose machines are usually placed on elevated carousels

The casino management is aware of the fact that people seeing other customers winning is good for business. The fact that these carousels can easily be seen from anywhere in the casino, is the main reason why a lot of loose slot machines are situated there.

Crossover areas

These are the intersection areas where people pass from one part of the casino to another. Such areas are usually considered an ideal place for placing more generous slots because a great number of people walk by on a daily basis.

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In near proximity to cafés and snack bars

Cafés and snack bars are the places where usually there are not so many people playing. This, however, does not mean these areas are not among the most preferred ones when it comes to placing machines that pay out.

Slot machines are also placed close to cashiers, ABMs, change booths and ticket redemption machines

The logic here is simple – all of the above-mentioned spots are places where people get money. The more people win at machines there, the more likely it is for them to withdraw more cash and use it on the slots.

All casinos are absolutely aware of the fact that their regular customers know where the more “generous” slots are situated. This is exactly why these machines are frequently moved around the place in order to make it harder for local people to find them. In such cases, players could make a note of the slot machine’s identification number in order to easily recognize it when it is moved.

Photo of video slot machine

Tighter Slots Locations

There are also some general rules how to spot the tighter slots in order to avoid them. Here is how you can easily recognize them:

Secluded areas

Tight machines are usually placed at the more secluded areas of the casinos. Secluded areas may look very comfortable, but they are quiet for a reason – almost no winnings are made there.

At the casino entrances

As mentioned above, these were great places when it comes to putting loose slots. But casino management realized that it is not a good place to situate such a machine, because people never went any further into the casino. This is exactly the reason why nowadays the slot machines located at the casino entrances are tighter.

Slots located near ticket or show lines

This is actually a great place to put a slot machine because most people actually just stand there and wait. This is how people can be tempted to just go and try their luck on the slot machines nearby instead of waiting in line.

Around the table games and near the sportsbook

The slot machines located around most table games are usually tight in order to distract players from their gameplay. The same applies to the machines situated near the Sportsbook.

Screenshot of progressive slot machines

Reading the Slot Payout Meter

After choosing the best area to play a slot machine in, choosing the machine itself is also not an easy job to do. Players also find it hard to pick a certain machine, because sometimes there are several identical machines located in the same area, and they are striving to always choose the machine showing the highest jackpot on its payout meter window.

When it comes to playing in landbased casinos, the mechanical slot machines usually have their payout meter window situated at the bottom left or right corner, next to the window that displays the credits available.

It is also important for the player to check the payout meter window to get some information about the previous amount the machine has paid out. Of course, the fact the last player managed to win money does not necessarily mean that the same applies to the next player.

Still, it is proven that there are certain patterns that exist in systems of random numbers. These patterns can occur even when the player gets several wins at a time. Of course, this does not mean that the machine is not controlled by a Random Number Generator, but that there are some patterns even in systems of random numbers.

Some experts recommend that it is a good idea to play several spins on a machine, which has just paid out a large amount of money, or even the jackpot itself, instead of playing one that shows zero on its payout window. Some players even leave a machine as soon as they have managed to get a payout without even bothering to clear the payout window. It is also a great idea to choose such machines.

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