First Deposit Slots Bonus

videoslots-logoOnline casinos are trying to constantly attract new players by offering them additional bounties or bonuses. One of the most popular benefits granted by web-based casinos is the so-called first deposit bonus, which as its name suggests, is given to players for signing up in the casino’s website and making their first deposit there.

How does the Bonus Work?

Normally, every online casino has a special cashier section where players can check the amount of money they have in their main account. They are given the opportunity to both deposit and withdraw money in and out of the account.

When a deposit is made by a player, the casino automatically adds a special bonus account, which can be found in the cashier section along with the balance of the player. The bonus money is released step by step into the player’s account. Usually, the bonus represents a percentage of the initial deposit made by the customer, but there may be some limitations.

In addition, always check the terms and conditions of the online casino website, as the rate in which the special first deposit bonus is unlocked is also important. Different casinos have different requirements and may demand a certain number of spins or amount of money to be wagered in order for the bonus to be unlocked.

As mentioned above, the bonus is granted step by step the more the user plays. The steps and requirements are different and depend on the website’s policy. Some online casinos have permitted customers to play with their bonuses as soon as they get. Still, there are requirements related to the withdrawal, as most casinos cash the bonuses out after the customers have played a certain amount of spins.

Match Bonuses

Match bonuses are among the most widespread bonuses granted by online casinos. They are some of the most-preferred by casinos, as by granting them casinos can reduce a lot of risks related to offering free money to their customers.

Unlike other bonus offerings, which can hurt the interests of the casino by some players, match bonuses are considered quite stable. As the match bonuses are based on a certain percentage of the initial customer’s deposit, players are required to make a deposit before getting any free money from the casino. Match bonuses may vary and often are altered thanks to some new promotions and offers run by the casino.

50% Match Bonus

The 50% Match Bonus is associated with the casino offering a 50% of the player’s initial deposit, which will be added to their bankroll totally free of charge.

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100% Match Bonus

This is probably the most commonly-used matched percentage bonus. One of the main reasons why the bonus is considered as the most-preferred one is the fact that it is the most fair to both parties. The bonus is structured in a way that allows the player to get an extra 100% bonus added to the value of their initial deposit.

200% Match Bonus and Higher

When it comes to bonuses are too large or exceed the amount of the player’s initial bankroll, such bonuses are not so typical. Usually, the casinos that offer such bonuses have a more strict wagering requirements policy.

The betting demands of each casino are usually included in their terms and conditions. In addition, players should remember to be careful when it comes to a match bonus that amounts to over 500%. This just seems too good to be true.

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Free Spins Bonus

Free Spins is probably one of the most-used casino bonuses by online casinos when it comes to offering bounties to customers, because of the fact that they are not only exciting, but also offer the chance of winning great prizes.

Basically, there are two kinds of free spins bonuses provided by web-based casinos – the the fist one is a free spins bonus that does not require any deposit made, while the other one is a free spins bonus, which demands that a certain initial deposit is made by the player. Such bonuses are available for both new and regular players. Usually, the free spins bonuses are offered in the form of sign-up bonuses and regular promotions.

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