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videoslots-logoUsually, online slots machines have large house edge that amounts to a range between 3 and 6%. This basically means that if the player does not manage to make a large winning, they can easily say goodbye to their entire bankroll.

This makes bonuses an important part of the slots gameplay, as the latter provide players with the opportunity to play longer. In addition, bonuses are exactly what offset the normally large house edge and are considered to shift the odds in player’s favor.

Online Casino Bonuses

The best bonuses that will provide players with the opportunity to play much longer and will offer them high limit slots play on a reasonably low initial deposit.

Playing for real money in online casinos is usually bound to different rewards given by the casino itself to its customers. The biggest and best advantage to choose playing at a web-based casino is the fact that casinos not only grant some special bonuses, but players are given a much larger payback percentage.

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Types of Bonuses

Tough wagering requirements are usually cruel when it comes to slots. House edge is normally high, and the large number of slots available on the market makes it difficult for players to complete their betting demands as they may vary. In addition, building up a certain strategy is hard, as slots are described as a game of chance.

Thankfully, it is exactly bonuses that are able to neutralize the negative house edge effect and make the chances better for the player. In addition, there are bonuses that do not involve high wagering requirements or any demands at all.

Cashable Bonuses

This type of bonuses are normally bound with a wagering requirement, which may be lower when it comes to slots in comparison to the ones for table games, but still, there is a certain demand. The so-called pre-wager slot bonuses that usually come with a sensible betting requirement, can turn out to be profitable.

Cashable bonuses are considered as the most common and still, most simple type of casino bonuses. The bonus is available for withdrawal after the player has completed a certain wagering requirement, which fully depends on the casino itself.

This is exactly why players need to always check carefully the terms and conditions provided in an online casino before claiming a bonus. There are often certain limits implemented in the terms and conditions, such as for example, a requirement for the player to complete wagering before making a withdrawal.

Sticky Bonuses

Just like Cashable bonuses, this type of bonuses also usually have a betting requirement. The ones with low betting demands can still generate profits, and of course, there are some casinos that provide the opportunity to get sticky bonuses that are not bound to any wagering requirement. The latter provided by RTG often have a maximum cash-out.

However, in case that a big jackpot is won by a player, they will probably not be allowed to make a withdrawal of the entire sum of the winnings.

What a sticky bonus really is, is a bonus that can be used when making bets, but that cannot be withdrawn. Sticky bonuses are also divided into several types – the most commonly-implemented “phantom” sticky bonus, which is normally used by larger software groups, and the less common types, which are more typical for smaller casino and gaming software providers.

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“Phantom” Sticky Bonuses

These are the most commonly-spread variation of sticky bonuses. This kind of bonuses is used by some of the largest developers of casino and gaming software in the world, including RTG, Microgaming and Playtech.

What is specific about this type of bonus, is the fact that the “phantom” bonus is immediately added to the player’s deposit, and the player is free to use it when betting. However, when making a withdrawal, the bonus is subtracted from player’s balance.

The “phantom” sticky bonus is often regarded as totally useless, but this is not true. When there are some bankroll limitations and the bonus is used, the truth is that players can keep their winnings by wagering the bonus. This basically means that player do not have to pay for the loss, if any.

Other variations

As already mentioned above, some smaller casino and gaming software providers, such as Wager21, Grand Virtual, Parlay and Chartwell use different types of sticky bonus.

These variations usually involve certain conditions. There are two common rule differences that are usually involved separately or together. The first one is that the bonus is not removed from the player’s account after a withdrawal is finalized. The winnings plus the deposit can be cashed in after the player completes the betting demand. The bonus can still be used to wager. The second rule is that in case that the player’s bonus balance is reduced because of losses, any winnings on their remaining balance are regarded as immediately cashable. The player is not required to exceed their initial balance in order to be permitted to make a cash-out.

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Clearplay Bonuses and Free Play Bonuses

Clearplay are considered to have been first implemented by Microgaming. They provide players with the opportunity to withdraw they winnings any time they like, but only in case that the betting demands on the bonus have been met. This is what is considered to make the Clearplay bonus a lot like the sticky one. When the player meets the wagering requirement, the bonus is increasingly converted to cash.

Most contemporary casinos use a modified version of the bonus and require a playthrough, especially when it comes to sign-up bonuses. In addition, a special Clearplay bonus system, which is also known under the name eZ bonus system, is used by most casinos that use the Microgaming gaming platform.

In addition, there are some free play sing-up bonuses, which are offered by some Microgaming casinos. Normally, the casino offers a large balance in a special version of the casino software. The player is given their winnings as a bonus along with their first deposit, after they cash out.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are known for refunding a certain percentage of the player’s net losses over a specific time period. This basically means that the bonus pays only in case that the player has a net loss over the specific time period. Usually, cashback bonuses do not have any wagering requirements, which makes them highly preferable when it comes to slots machines.

If speaking purely mathematically, this type of bonuses is very much alike the sticky and Clearplay bonuses when cashed out at an early stage of the gameplay. There is a simple formula used in order to calculate the average gain of a cashback on such a loss bonus:

The Average Gain is calculated when the Average Wagering*House Edge is subtracted from the Bonus*Chance of Bust.

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