Slots Paylines and Wild Symbols

videoslots-logoAt first glance, slots seem like the easiest game when you are new to the casino world but in fact, they can be deceptive unless you are well acquainted with the basics. Understanding the main components of the slot machine as well as its features guarantees you will avoid the disappointment of putting money into a machine without winning a prize. Let us start with a brief overview of the two main elements of every slot game – the paylines you can win on and the wild symbol that helps you create more winning combinations, thus boosting your profits.

In a nutshell, the payline is a sequence of reel positions that are usually read from left to right. When you bet on a specific payline, this means it is activated. Before you spin the reels, you have to adjust the desired number of paylines you want to bet on during your gaming session. Do not forget that the more paylines you activate, the higher your chances of winning are. When the reels stop spinning, the player can check the paytable to see what prize the matching symbols return. If the winning combination has aligned on an active payline, the player will be paid in accordance with the paytable.

In the past, slot machines featured one payline only and when the player landed three identical symbols on it, they qualified for a prize. Now, things are a bit different as contemporary slot machines can have up to 100 paylines in some cases. Yet, these slots are rare and standard machines nowadays would usually feature between 15 and 25 paylines.

Although traditional slot machines feature paylines that are straight, there are games where they can be vertical, horizontal or zig-zagging across the reels. The paylines always cross the same number of icons. For instance, if the slot you have chosen has five reels, there will be five symbols landing on an active payline.

In order to activate a given payline, you need to bet on it at least one coin. Both classic and advanced slots normally allow players to bet several coins per active payline, usually up to then but this also depends on the software supplier.

With classic 3-reel slots, only the middle payline is activated when you play a single coin. Therefore, if you activate all paylines by betting the maximum number of coins, your chances of hitting a winning combination get higher.

If you create a winning combination on an inactive payline, you are not getting paid.

Screenshot of people playing on Super Respin Slot Machines

Useful Tips

Here are a few more tips revealed by players who have spent a lot of time learning how to win a massive payout on a slot machine.

First of all, always check the paytable and get familiar with the highest and the lowest paying symbols. It is also important to see if the slot machine returns a prize when the symbols align on a payline from left to the right or vice versa so you do not get disappointed when you hit a winning combination but are not given a prize.

Although slot machines look entirely different from one another because of the themes they feature, they are actually quite similar when it comes to operation. Nevertheless, get to know the configuration and the symbols you will come across during your gaming session as well as the number of paylines you are allowed to wager on.

Wild Symbols

Classic slot games that feature a wild symbol are few but all modern machines and multi-line slots, in particular, have both wild and scatter symbols. Both of them help you enhance your gaming experience and increase your winnings.

Wilds help you create winning combinations by substituting regular symbols on the reels. The more wilds appear on the reels, the more generous your payout will be.

Depending on the particular slot game you play, sometimes the wild symbol has no value unless it is included in a winning combination.

Wilds can appear anywhere on the reels but in some games, they can be seen on particular reels only. That is why it is important to spend a few minutes to get familiar with the specifications of the game before you start playing.


Types of Wild Symbols

Apart from the standard wild symbols, game developers created new, unusual and more attractive ones. Today, you can come across expanding wilds, sticky wilds, shifting, trailing, wandering or stacked wilds. Here is some more information about each one of these:

When a stacked wild symbol appears on the reels, it covers it entirely. If more than one of them appear, you have to prepare for a huge payout.

As their name implies, shifting wilds keep moving across the reels on subsequent spins. As for the expanding wilds, they also cover the entire reel when appearing and can turn every regular symbol that surrounds them into a wild.

Sticky wilds stay in one position for a specific number of spins and give you the chance to increase your winnings.

Trailing wilds basically create a “clone” wild and while the original symbol stays in the same position, the clone moves one position down.

As we have already mentioned, slot machines are computerized and you are not able to predict when and where wilds will appear. No matter what kind of wild your game features, it will randomly appear on the reels. Another thing you have to take into account is that each game can feature a different number of wilds.

Along with helping you create winning combinations, wilds can act as multipliers as well, which is yet another opportunity to leave the game with a considerable amount of money in your bank account.

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