Video Poker or Video Lottery Terminals

video-poker-iconAs we said earlier, after the original hand of cards is dealt, the player may select the cards he/she wishes to keep. At the same time, the video poker machine will show replacements at random for the cards the player abstained from keeping. Or we can conclude that his/her decisions, while playing at the machine, will influence the final result.

In the preceding article we mentioned that a specific type of video poker machines exists, which does not work the way we noted above. These are the so called video lottery terminals (VLTs), which in most cases do not use a random number generator, but are programmed to have a certain number of winners. It may even happen, that the machine, where one plays, is not the device, which selects the winner. Instead, there may be another major device, that connects all the individual VLTs in a particular casino, or even in a particular region.

Is it possible to recognize VLTs?

There is no immediate answer to this question, but here is what one may take into consideration:

1. To be aware whether he/she is in a state, that allows the use of VLTs. If a person is located in a state, where no lottery exists, this may be an indication that casinos there offer real video poker machines (where one may demonstrate some skillful play).

2. To be aware that the majority of video poker machines, located in bars, saloons, restaurants, truck stops and other establishments of this sort are almost 100% VLTs.

3. To be aware that, at this point, in rare cases commercial casinos may have VLTs. However, this is subjected to change.

4. To be aware that casinos and other establishments, offering game machines, will often neither confirm, nor denounce the possibility of having VLTs within their premises. Some of them may have both VLTs and real video poker machines, but neither of the two types may be recognized by a player.

Video Lottery Terminals

Let us imagine that currently we are in a country, where casinos and other establishments are allowed to have VLTs on their commercial ground. We come across a particular machine and begin to wonder whether it is a real one or a VLT. As VLTs are quite reminiscent in their physical features of real video poker machines, it is logical not to base our judgement solely on appearance. However, there may be some information on the machine itself, that may prove useful to us – information in regard to the machine’s manufacturer or brand name. The video poker machine will most certainly be a VLT in one of the following cases:

1. The name of the manufacturer, stated on the machine itself is GTECH or Spielo (a subsidiary of the first);

2. ”AURA” or ”Power Station 5” can be found above the machine’s screen, which would suggest it is manufactured by GTECH;

3. The name of the manufacturer, stated on the machine is Sodak, an International Game Technology (IGT) subsidiary, which produces Class II machines. The latter do not have a Random Number Generator and may or may not be labelled as VLTs;

4. The name of the manufacturer is World Touch Gaming, which produces VLTs.

Vodeo Poker or Video Lottery Terminals

When we begin playing one of the games the machine offers, an indication that the latter is a VLT will be the occurrence of one of the following events:

1. The machine offers a ”Match Card” option, which awards bonus credits at the end of the game;

2. The machine offers an ”automatic hold” on the buttons, which will not allow us to choose the cards, that will be kept;

3. The machine deals the final hand and we are not provided the opportunity to draw other cards;

4. After the game has ended a genie pops up on the screen and changes the cards.

Therefore, what we can do after we have identified that our machine is a VLT, is to simply keep our distance from it.

Video Poker Machines in a Row

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