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Abaqoos is an excellent Hungarian online payment system that is used by many online casino players who want to manage their casino deposits in an easy and reliable way. As it uses pre-funded voucher system, it allows the players a secure and convenient depositing of their funds. A great part of Hungarians take advantage of this payment method that offers flexibility when it comes to online casino deposits.


Abaqoos provides quick and safe option for online payments by offering vouchers for online purchases. One specific detail is that you do not need to use credit or debit card, which allows you to manage the deposits conveniently and for free.

Currently, Abaqoos vouchers are only accepted by online gaming websites as well as by the Hungarian cultural events tickets website, named Jegymester. Keep in mind that once you choose to use the Abaqoos voucher for playing online games, the voucher can only be used for that purpose. On the other hand, in case you have registered the voucher for Jegymester, the Abaqoos voucher could only be used on this website.

Recharging of the Abaqoos vouchers is made through a cash payment or through a bank transfer. The Hungarian banks that are now associated to the Abaqoos vouchers are the following:

  • CIB Bank
  • Budapest Bank
  • Erste Bank
  • KH Bank
  • MKB Bank
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • OTP Bank
  • Unicredit Bank

Thanks to them, the users are be able to organize their online money transactions in an effective and safe way. There is no limit for the amount of money that can be recharged, which automatically gives you the option to recharge the Abaqoos voucher with as much money as you wish.
They could be spend in several instalments, according to the preferences of the users.

The Abaqoos vouchers do not have any expiration time, which means that you do not have to use them as fast as possible.

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How to Receive An Abaqoos voucher

To benefit from the conveniences that Abaqoos offers, users need to make a free registration on the Abaqoos website. When you register, you receive a virtual account with your username and password. After that, the voucher needs to be uploaded with certain amount of money.
Users can do this by choosing between the following methods:

A cash deposit, made at one of the associated banks, including the Hungarian Post Office
An online bank transfer, made from the user’s bank account in one of the associated banks to the user’s Abaqoos voucher account

When it comes to cash deposits, you only need to go to the associated bank or to the Hungarian Post Office and to use the Abaqoos username to request a deposit on the account. The username is required for the identifying of the depositor.
As for the bank transfers, you are required to use the internet banking application of your bank to transfer the funds to the Abaqoos voucher.

Generally, the cash deposit takes no more than 5 minutes to be credited, while the time, required for the bank transfer deposit strongly depends on the bank that is used.
An important thing to mention is that you cannot fund your Abaqoos voucher by means of a credit card.

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Making Online Payments

Making online payments within Abaqoos vouchers is easy and anonymous. Once you have funded your voucher with money, you are free to make your online payments. Choose Abaqoos as a payment method on the website and then, after being redirected to the Abaqoos website, log in with the username and the password. When you confirm the payment, you will be again redirected to the merchant’s website.

The Abaqoos services are all free of any charges, including the uploading, the the receiving and the withdrawing of money.
The Abaqoos online payments are performed due to the highest security standards that concern the online money transfers.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Abaqoos

One of the greatest advantages of using Abaqoos vouchers is that none of the users’ personal or banking data is revealed to the recipient. Apart from this, Abaqoos payments are completed in a fast way, which turns out to be a great advantage for the players, as their deposits are immediately transmitted to the casino account. Another benefit of using Abaqoos for online casinos is that you have the option to pay by cash for your online casino deposit.
One of the main disadvantages of Abaqoos is that it is only accepted by online gaming sites as well as by Jegymester. Another significant drawback is that the Abaqoos is actually only available for the residents of Hungary. As far as the online casinos are concerned, there is no possibility to make withdrawals when using Abaqoos.

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Making Deposits in Online Casinos

Abaqoos tends to be ideal solution for players who search for reliable and fast online casino banking solutions. Once you have an Abaqoos voucher account, you only need to choose Abaqoos as the preferred payment option and to provide the amount of money that you wish to deposit. Log in on to your account to make a confirmation for the payment and the funds will be immediately credited.


Abaqoos vouchers will guarantee safeness and protection of your personal information because banking details are not shared with third parties as well as with the recipient of the payment. For that reason, many online casino players trust this online payment method that ensures protection against frauds and misuse of personal data. Thanks to the latest encryption technologies and fraud detection systems, Abaqoos turns out to be more than appropriate option for the keen online casino players.


Thanks to the Abaqoos vouchers, users can now pay safely and quickly, without bothering themselves with using bank cards. Although there exists a limit on the websites that accept those vouchers, the online casino players are still offered a convenient and time-saving way, through which they can make their deposits for online casinos. This payment solution is the ideal alternative for all the players who are reluctant to use credit or debit cards when making the online deposits.

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  1. I was sick and tired of entering my bank card details every time I wanted to make payments. With Abaqoos, I can keep my details private. All I need to do is provide my account’s username and password. Abaqoos will take care of the rest. I’m super satisfied with this payment method.

  2. Abaqoos is not a very popular method, I think. At least not many online casinos use it. And that is a little bit disappointing because it means I have to choose another payment method to play my favorite casino games. I’m always happy to see the logo when I pay online. That’s how I know my money transfers are secure.

  3. Once I wanted to fund my Abaqoos account but it wouldn’t allow me to. I tried a few more times and every time the same message appeared, claiming the transfer has been made, but there was no money in my e-wallet. I tried again on the next day and it worked but did it really have to take so long?

  4. Debi Taylor Debi Taylor says:

    Bank transfers with Abaqoos take some time, literally days, especially when I send money to a bank different from mine. I would recommend making the service a little bit better. Yeah, I know it depends on the bank, but still, they could probably find a way to solve this.

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