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TicketSurf is a fairly unpopular online payment method that is currently widely used in France. Many French gamblers are probably familiar with TicketSurf because this is one of the few platforms that gives them the opportunity to make deposits anonymously, without exposing any personal information.

Although the original idea of TicketSurf wasn’t to be used as a deposit method for online casinos, nowadays most users of these prepaid cards use them for exactly this purpose.

As we already mentioned, one of TicketSurf’s biggest advantages is that you’ll stay anonymous. However, there are other things that we should mention as well – these cards are incredibly easy to use, and they give you complete control over the money you spend. A typical prepaid TicketSurf card can have a value of 10, 20 or 30 EUR. Each code is characterized with a 11 to 14-digit code that must be filled in when you want to deposit money into an online casino.

Where to Get it?

In order to purchase a TicketSurf card you have to visit one of the certified outlets that sell these card, pay online or via a bank transfer. The number on the card is hidden, but you can easily reveal it via scratching, so you can rest assured that no-one has used the code before you.

The TicketSurf card is recommended for gamblers who don’t want to risk exposing personal or credit card information to third parties, or to those of you who don’t when to stop depositing money into their accounts.

With a prepaid TicketSurf card, you can easily set a limit on the amount of money you play with, and therefore reduce your potential losses. In case you encounter any problems using your TicketSurf prepaid card, you can contact their customer service department which is ready to assist you in either English or French.

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